A Message from Station Manager

Marty Wind

Our listeners have always been there for us. We are very aware of the importance of being respectful, especially when it comes to asking for support. So it is with great appreciation for past generosity that we come to you once again. Costs continue to rise and, and after 33 years, we continue to renew many of our operating agreements, usually at the inevitable increase in cost that accompanies all such renewals. This, together with the costs of our recent Digital Power increase, brings us once again, to you, our listeners.”

“This Fall “Pledge Fest” fundraiser is a brief two-day appeal designed to secure a relatively small sum to boost our operating fund. During this Pledge Fest we especially reach out to those of our listeners who have not supported us in the past and the many newly arrived Winter Texans who listen during this time of year. We ask them to phone in a small gift. Every pledge counts. Our listeners have been there for us in the past, and once again, if you’re there….. We’ll be here.
Marty Wind

Executive VP / General Manager