Why Do We Celebrate Easter For 50 Days?
by Rev. Lawrence Rice, CSP
An initiative of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Most people think of Easter as a single day. It’s never had the commercial appeal of Christmas, and because it always falls on Sunday, most people don’t get an additional day off from work. But for Catholics, Easter isn’t just a day, it’s a whole season. The Easter season stretches all the way to the feast of Pentecost. Lent, which sometimes feels like it’s stretching on forever, is actually forty days long. Easter, on the other hand, is all of fifty days long. About these fifty days theologian Nathan Mitchell writes:

‘The great fifty days of Pentecost are not an unwelcome, unrealistic obligation to “party on,” even if we don’t feel like it, but an invitation to explore more deeply “the weather of the heart,” to awaken our memory of God’s presence and power in our lives, to look more closely at all the rich and varied textures of creation.’

One way the church pursues this goal of seeing God present in the world is through the reading of the Acts of the Apostles. At Masses all through the Easter season, our usual practice of reading from the Old Testament is replaced be reading from the Acts of the Apostles. These readings tell the story of the church’s earliest days, and the beginnings of our faith’s spreading throughout the ancient world. These stories of heroism, controversies, persecutions and miracles all testify to the continued presence of the Risen Christ in the world, through the lives of his disciples, and the actions of the Holy Spirit.

All of this should be an encouragement and a sign of hope for us today. Despite war, violence, personal struggles, and an under-performing economy, God has not abandoned us, nor left us to our own devices. The risen savior is still with us. These 50 days of Easter ask us to reflect on his presence, and—even in the face of danger or fear—to live with joy.

2016 Catholic Academy Gabriel Awards

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Corpus Christi, TX – Local non-commercial FM broadcast station KLUX-HD,  has been selected as a recipient of the National Gabriel Award for “Religious Radio Station of the Year”.  The award is given for a station’s ability to uplift and enrich the human spirit with its total programming and community service.  The Gabriel Awards, now in its 52nd year, recognizes outstanding messengers of God’s Good News in our media culture.

Entrants go through a highly selective process of preliminary screening and blue ribbon judging.  Blue ribbon juries only present an award in a particular category when a level of excellence is achieved in values, content, creativity, artistic quality, technical quality and impact.

KLUX is in some very good company with other winners such as ABC News, NBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Company, New York Public Radio and the Eternal Word Television Network.  The 51st annual Gabriel Awards Presentation took place at the Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark on Thursday, June 2, 2016.

KLUX 89.5HD – “Good Company”, is in its 31st year of service to the Coastal Bend Community. The station is well known for its “Easy Listening” music format, public service, assistance in promoting the activities of local not for profit organizations, as well as its association with the Local Emergency Planning Committee and city / county Emergency Management offices.


Mr. Marty Wind, Exec. VP/GM – KLUX 89.5  and Mr. David Hains, President of the Catholic Academy of Communication Professionals



KLUX Gabriel Award for Radio Station of the Year
KLUX Exec. VP/GM Marty Wind at the 2016 Gabriel Awards in St. Louis, MO


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For more information on the Gabriel Awards contact Sue West at 937-458-0265

KLUX 2016 EMAT Award Recipient



KLUX Receives The 2016 “Outstanding Media Award”  from Emergency Management Association of Texas

The City of Corpus Christi – Nueces County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) continually evaluates new ways to reach the community for purposes of education and awareness.  Recently, a new county-wide emergency notification system was implemented.  “Citizen opt-in” is a key feature of this new tool, however getting citizen participation continues to be a challenge.  A long standing partner of the Corpus Christi – Nueces County LEPC, KLUX stepped up and developed radio ads promoting the emergency notification system free of charge.  KLUX runs the ads on a regular and continual basis as a service to the community.  The radio station also continues its commitment to the LEPC and local community by only broadcasting official emergency public information, unedited, anytime there is a need.  In addition, KLUX is always willing to provide advisement and support for the cause and mission of the LEPC and local emergency management programs.


Pictured Left to Right: Mr. Marty Wind, General Manager of KLUX , Mr. Jeb B. Lacey, EMAT Board President
Pictured Left to Right: Ms. Joanne Salge, LEPC-Nueces County, Mr. Marty Wind, KLUX General Manager, Ms. Danielle Hale, Emergency Management Coordinator Nueces County

Cathedral Sunday Mass LIVE Video Stream Now Available

Diocesan Telecommunications Corporation, producer of the LIVE weekly Television Broadcast of the Sunday Mass from Corpus Christi Cathedral, has begun streaming a live video feed, on the World Wide Web, in addition to its live telecast on KDF-TV in South Texas. According to Marty Wind, Executive Producer of the broadcast, a grant from the John G. and Marie Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation has made possible the purchase of equipment which allows viewers from South Texas and around the world to watch the Cathedral Sunday Mass, LIVE on most Flash enabled desktop computers and most popular smart devices.

Those wishing to access the stream should point their browser to http://GoCCN.org and click the LIVE VIDEO icon at the top of the Home page. The LIVE VIDEO page features a Flash Viewer as well as links to players for most Smart devices and tablets including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, VLC, and Flash.

The Web streaming capability is part of an overall 3 year upgrade to HDTV, which is being made possible in part by the financial support of the John G. and Marie Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation. Planned completion of the HDTV conversion is scheduled for this time next year. Also assisting in the project is Christus Spohn Health System, which has supported a portion of the air-time costs of the over-the-air broadcast for more than 18 years. Christus Spohn will fund the ongoing operational costs of the streaming server lease.

The Cathedral Sunday TV Mass has served South Texans since 1986, and is carried on Cable Systems throughout the area on KDF-TV, with the audio portion of the broadcast being carried live on KLUX 89.5HD1 over the air, and ListenLive at KLUX.org.